10 on Tuesday since I’m putting off worship planning

  1. The name “Naaman” sounds like how being congested feels. So, I guess it’s a good thing I’m preaching on Naaman this coming Sunday. Because I am congested.
  2. After dinking around on facebook for the last half hour, concentrating on catching up on classmates from New York, I’m convinced that facebook is going to take all the fun out of class reunions. No surprises.
  3. I’m going on vacation next week. Because I need it, and also as a service to the youth group so that they can use my office for storage space during the silent auction.
  4. I could not be happier that my sister in law’s wedding now appears to be happening near the beach. Because it means I get some beach time in August.
  5. I think I’m still tired from my weekend with 5 high schoolers and Zora. The story about that woman who had octuplets is making me tired. I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting too old to be the crazy person who carts multiple teenagers and a 2 year old across state lines. Probably not…I just need to take more chaperones along than just myself, I think.
  6. On the flip side of# 5, I’m really thankful, humbled, and joyful about the great kids I get to work with. It was incredibly fun to watch them listen to sermons and get excited about jazz music in the church and just be regular happy goofy teenagers.
  7. Tomorrow night, Erik and I are getting together with the youth pastor from another area church and her husband to plan a worship thing-y for our youth groups. I’m excited about doing it and nervous about doing a good job. Sometimes, I jsut don;t know what the kids actualy want out of worship.
  8. I just got a CD of global children’s music from GIA. I intend to get Zora addicted to is for long car rides.
  9. I might be getting sick of winter. But I think I’m still enjoying the coziness of it.
  10.  And, it’s my brother’s birthday today. We celebrated on Sunday, and I’m assuming he’s doing something today. We are glad to have him around, sicne my sisters seem incapable of staying in the U.S. for more than a week or two. It makes me feel connected!

One Response to “10 on Tuesday since I’m putting off worship planning”

  1. Kirstin Says:

    I’m glad we’re helping you get some beach time! Have you been to E&B’s or the Oregon coast? It’s beautiful.