Well this makes it more interesting

I’ve seen a few articles like this one about the birth of octuplets in my Dad’s hometown this week.

Here’s what I find interesting: the suggestion that is coming up seems to be that doctors have an ethical repsonisibility not only to the parents, but to the offspring as well when making decisions about IVF.

This opens a huge can of worms in a country where we are barely able to discuss reproduction in a civil or logical manner anymore. I’m not trying to be pro-life or pro-choice here (and if you decide to post something that that is uncivil or illogical or simply vitriolic I will delete the comment…). But I think that this whole question brings up some of the inconsistencies in the way we discuss reproduction in this country. So, for example:

  • If offspring have rights in infertility cases, what about abortion?
  • If offspring have rights, what about people who society deems unfit parents?
  • Who defines what is a good enough, well-provided for life for a child?

Either this adds to the debate and moves us toward discussion that makes sense. Or (and unfortunately, this might be the likelier scenario) these questions will add to the strange logical maneuvers of either side.