Zora and the Cats…

Overheard while I’m finishing lunch and Zora is playing:

“OK, Ole. I got to brush you.”

(I turn around, and she’s convinced Ole to sit still on top of a folded up quilt.)

“OK, here’s the brush.”

(She’s brushing him with the smallest sister of a set of Russian stacking dolls.)

More random conversation about brushing Ole. General sounds of content toddler and kitty. Mama tunes out a little bit.

“OK, Sven, I have to cut you.”

Mama spins around, wide-eyed, and ready to move when she hears this.

Fortunately for all concerned, and especially for Sven, Zora’s still a little confused about which implement to use for a particular grooming task, as evidenced by the Russian doll. She’s reaching for Sven with a package of quilt binding.