Quiet Monday

I am oh-so-aware that the rhythm of my work life is very different from most other middle class North Americans’.

Monday morning this fall is going to be my quiet morning (I’m just thinking that I wish I could go out and buy a Sunday paper on Monday morning…maybe I should start walking up to the library…).

Sunday is pure, unbridled insanity for me. Saturday, in the fall, is not much better. There are youth retreats and kick-offs and work trips and volunteer projects almost every weekend, and then there are meetings and worship services and Sunday School thingy-s, and anything else on Sundays (often 13-15 hour work days).

It is really truly busier in September, October, and November for me than any other time in the year. We pack so many things into the schedule in these months in a programatic church. Part of me thrives on the busy-ness and fun of these events (I mean, who else gets to go bowling, eat pizza, watch movies, do crafts, go camping, and volunteer at a renaissance fair for work, all in the space of one month? How cool is that?)

But, the last two years, this pace has made me just a little crazy, so this year, I am pledging to myself that I will try to take good care of myself.

And, starting this week, we finally have a childcare routine figured out: Zora is with her grandma on Mondays, at an in-home childcare on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and, eventually, on Thursday mornings, at an extended play-date at a buddy’s house with a sitter.

So, Mondays are going to be my quiet morning. This morning, tea and the NYTimes Sunday Magazine (on-line…), then a few hours of laundry and pick up, and then, I think, I can face the rest of the week with a little bit of peace.