What it means (to me) to be a working Mom

The flurry of activity over the female VP nominee seems to have everyone weighing in about what it means to be a working mom. Now, I’m not going to get into the fracas about the governor of Alaska specifically, but I will say that I am downright angry at just about every side in the whole thing for saying stupid things.

Mostly, though, I think it’s ridiculous how we focus on one thing (breast-pump use during conference calls seems to be the biggie) to define working mama-hood.

So, here is one of my typical moments.

Right now, I am scrambling to get some things pulled together for church so that I can go on the youth group camping trip this weekend and feel confident that everything else is running well.

Here’s my to-do list:

  • Finish writing a curriculum outline and pull together the materials for a junior high meeting on Sunday afternoon so that the leaders feel OK about me not being there (I plan to be in intensive recovery from the 2 day high school youth group camping trip).
  • Contact some area youth pastors and a few other people about the possibility of hosting a Christian musician friend of Erik’s for a concert on an upcoming weekend when he’ll be in town and won’t have a gig.
  • Contact a younger youth pastor in the area who wants to talk to another young woman who does this ministry thing.
  • Lay out some plans for short worship services, getting to know you games, and an artsy-ish project for the high schoolers on their camping trip.
  • Clean out my car so that I am not embarrassed when I transport youth to camping trip.
  • Pack my own tent, sleeping materials, etc. (this includes stuff for Erik and Zora who are coming along)

I’m parked on my bed with the laptop working on the things that need to happen on a computer, and, in a concession to Zora, we are listening to her favorite song over and over (Gordon Lightfoot, Alberta Bound). She just took apart 4 puzzles, and I am not trying to let her put them back together. Also, I’m letting her draw on my legs with washable marker. Just in case you think it sounds like I’m letting her run wild, I refused to let her plug my phone charger into the wall, draw on the computer, or take everything out of my wallet. I do have some standards.

Some people will read this and say it’s a good example of someone who is over-stretched in an attempt to have it all.

For me this is not about having it all. It’s about being faithful to multiple callings. I am blessed, so blessed, to be able to pursue so many things in which I feel called by God.

4 Responses to “What it means (to me) to be a working Mom”

  1. Mary Beth Bernheisel Says:

    You are a better woman than I. I simply wasn’t made of good enough stuff to do everything.

  2. Erica Says:

    Honestly, Mary Beth, I don’t think it’s about better…it’s just a form of semi-insanity (and I come from a long line of work-a-holics)!

  3. Heidi Says:

    Oh, Erica… apparently the biggest issue surrounding H-wyk calling me/not calling me had to do less with the fact that I’m a woman and more with the fact that I’m a mom of young children (so some say)… there are concerns that I won’t be able to do it all. I can guarantee that I won’t be able to do it all… that’s why I have a husband who will do some, a babysitter who is amazing, and a spiritual director who will remind me again and again where my center is. Our daughters are far from neglected.

  4. ms rev or not Says:

    i hope i can somehow adjust when the time comes.