The 13 year old mind

I know everyone else is horribly curious about this:

What exactly are the pression questions on the 13-year-old mind?

Well, after a confirmation kick-off yesterday, over pizza and soda floats, my troop of 13 years olds are interested in the following things:

  1. The Trinity—what on earth is it?
  2. The Divine and Human Natures of Christ—how on earth does that work?
  3. Sin—what is it and how can one get away from it?

That’s right–the basic questions of Christian theology are absolutely fascinating to them. And I mean fascinating–we had to close off discussion to get them home on time.

Everytime I wonder if my seminary education is useless because, as a youth and children’s pastor, I often feel reduced to an activities director, I need to remember that whole discussion.

It’s going to be a GREAT year!!

3 Responses to “The 13 year old mind”

  1. ms rev or not Says:

    Wow. I feel nerdy saying this, but I think that’s really awesome.

  2. Susan Says:

    That’s exciting! Thanks for sharing. After a week of committee meetings and emphasis on minutia, it’s so good to hear another part of the Church is approaching her faith with energy and curiosity.

  3. Erik Says:

    I keep misreading number three as “Sin—what is it and how can one get away with it?