Minsterial privilege

I was warned in seminary not to take advantage of ministerial privilege’s granted by the community. I think, what was meant by this, was the way, a generation or two ago, many merchants would offer pastors discounts or so. In many communities, this made sense. I know that my grandpa, as a pastor in a farming town, had people who brought poultry and produce, and things like that. My dad had someone who owned a shoe store offer to help out with shoes for the kids once a year. But mostly, those days are over.

Except, apparently, at my local t4rg3t optical…

On Monday, I decided it was finally time to get a pair of prescription sunglasses, maybe even in time for the youth trip (leaving Sunday morning, bright and early). I’ve held off on this for years, but I hate driving, traveling, lounging in the summer on sunny days when I’d rather wear my glasses than contacts since I have no prescription sunglasses. Some days, the contacts are just too dry…

So, I mentioned to the optician that I would be delighted if they were done by Saturday, but realized, since they send their stuff out, that this might not be possible, and that was fine.

The optician expedited the order by picking the glasses up and bringing them back to the store, in her off hours, I can only assume.

She was not there when I picked them up today, but the woman who was kept saying that they were so glad to do this so that I’d have them for my mission trip. Then she upgraded the glasses case for me.
And, she sent me out the door with a hearty, “Go save the world, woman!”

Hey, I’ll take the encouragement wherever I can get it.

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  1. Teri Says:

    teehee! I love it. I keep waiting for someone to say that to me….

    Where are y’all going this year? I’m sure you’ve told me but I forgot.