At least she’s social

Zora is living the high life this week: mornings involve bible school at church. Today, day two, she was so excited to go that she was waving her hands through the air and shouting all the way to church in the car. It’s just being around all the other kids that makes her happy. By the end of the morning, she’s standing in the middle of a herd of kids, laughing and waving her hands in the air like she’s at a rock concert.

After a nap, we’re off to the pool again today, I hope. But none of this leisurely mama at poolside thing. She gets in and out and in and out, pretends she’s going to jump in, run/walks to the deep end, lays on the edge and pretends she’s going to roll into the pool. I get in and out, go back and forth, run the circuit with her.

The kid is a dynamo. (After a week with 15 year olds, I’m starting to wonder what we’re in for when she hits high school.)