Broken Crayons

I found out something important about my childhood.

Growing up, we had this huge tupperware carton of crayons. Everyone was broken and wrapper-less.

I attributed this to two things: (1) We were a bunch of messy little hellions who broke all our crayons; (2) our parents were too cheap to buy us a nice new set of crayons.

Yesterday, I found out that this was actually an intentional act on the part of my Dad. Apparently, one of his college art professors told him that the first thing to do when you brought home a package of crayons for your kids was to rip off the wrappers and break them in half. This gives children permission to use the crayons more creatively–use the sides, use the dull ends, shading, etc.

When I got home this afternoon, I took out Zora’s crayons and started breaking and unwrapping.

Thanks, Dad.

One Response to “Broken Crayons”

  1. Pastor Peters Says:

    I had an art prof in college say the same thing. It’s liberating, isn’t it?