No no no no no…it’s almost May

Of the May (and late April events) here’s where I now stand:

Done: Youth Sunday; Erik has a job; met with speaker for adult leader mission trip orientation; submitted worship service to worship magazine
Yet-to-be-done: Adult leader mission trip orientation; confirmand dinner with session and all its trappings (ice-breakers, video editing of faith statements; display of scripture-engagement projects and argh 20 other things);  finish mission trip recruiting; revise and revamp mission trip permission slip packets; order supplies and furniture for new 3/4s Sunday School ministry; youth car wash; all the crazy details of confirmation (like the cake which was a nightmare last year…the Lutherans stole ours from the baker!!!); find childcare for Zora, and take her to work with me until I do; figure out how to work more efficiently with Zora around; clean my desk (as always);  figure out what to do with that government rebate check; spend time getting reacquainted with my much neglected PDA calendar (or decide to scarp it and go back to paper); find a conference to replace the April one that I had to cancel my plans for; lose another 5 pounds (I’d say 10, but I ate too many cookies today for that to be realistic); find a 5k to run (how come they’re all on Sunday during church?); buy pants that fit skinnier me (OK, that’s a good problem to have); buy birthday present for my sister whose birthday is already two days ago; finish knitting project in time for mother’s day; sermon for Memorial Day weekend, apparently…

Oh, and the article I’m supposed to be writing right now.   Gotta get that done, too.

This is worse than Easter or Christmas.

4 Responses to “No no no no no…it’s almost May”

  1. ppolarbear Says:

    Well, I know of a good conference……
    Congrats on Erik’s job! And the skinny pants! And the rest will all resolve itself. It really will. (your confirmation program sounds awfully impressive!)

  2. Teri Says:

    Can you go to the retreat at Stronghold that Karen and Won have put together? It’s free except for the gas to get you there. And it doesn’t cross any weekends so you can still maybe take the weekend off but be at home. Just a thought….

  3. Teri Says:

    PS–at first, from the title, I thought this post was going to be about snow. did you have snow today? I almost cried when I saw those HUGE wet flakes falling so fast. gag.

  4. Erica Says:

    PPB–yes, that’s the conference I’m looking at, if my budget can sustain it.

    Teri–in some ways, that’s the conference I wish I could look at, but there’s to much orientating and little prep that has to happen that week to get my youth trip ready and VBS ready.
    And, I didn’t notice any snow, but that wuld have made me cry, too.

    This morning, I’m feeling better about the whole she-bang already!