Noah’s Ark

It’s not every animal on the ark, but I still think she’s one smart cookie, and the kitty sound is particularly good, isn’t it?

6 Responses to “Noah’s Ark”

  1. ms rev or not Says:

    my husband and i favor the elephant sound. :)

  2. Sarah G. Says:

    She’s so dang cute!!!! (And hugely intelligent, of course.)

  3. Meika Says:

    I love how she’s so nonchalant about it.

  4. Erica Says:

    I think she gets that from me.

  5. Meg Says:

    To be clear. . .you were not driving at the time of this filming. Is that correct?

  6. Erica Says:

    Heck, no!!!! Zora was driving…

    OK, seriously, no I was not driving and filming, because then Zora would have been sitting in the FRONT. It was a team effort…Erik was driving, Erik’s sister was filming, and I was asking the questions.