Death, Taxes, and the Month of May (Or, why my retreat is perfectly timed)

We’ve had a series of big days. Taxes, of course. Erik’s grandfather died last week, so travel and family. Canceling my plans for a conference (shout out to Calvin College for being fabulous about refunding the registration. I love you guys!). Good rumblings in the Erik-employment department. An earthquake we didn’t feel. Zora learned how to pull a dress over head, exposing her belly to the world. Road trip and hotel stay with a toddler. A few temper tantrums (at least one of them mine).

And there are big days coming. Next week is Youth Sunday (i.e. my youth group does the worship service. Yes, this involves A LOT of preparation.) My May includes:  confirmation and all its prep; a car wash; a sermon; summer trip orientations; ending Sunday School; a one-day-multi-sensory-Sunday School experience to write; VBS planning; and about thirteen other things that I’m forgetting.

This means that the New Pastor’s Retreat I head to tomorrow is perfectly or horridly timed, depending on how you look at it. Either, horrid timing because there is oh so much prep work to get moving on. Or, perfect because I desperately need some quiet time away before the storm hits.

July, you look so calm and appealing from here. (Oh, wait…I think we are planning to move to a new place in July when our lease runs out. Never mind.)

Coming attractions: come back later this week for a fabulous video of Zora running through her entire repertoire of animal noises. The kitty is particularly impressive.

3 Responses to “Death, Taxes, and the Month of May (Or, why my retreat is perfectly timed)”

  1. Teri Says:

    Hmm…I wish I was in your group–this week would actually be a lot better for me. I’m not going to be able to go to my group’s retreat in May. The worst part is that I’m not that sad about that. But I could SERIOUSLY use a retreat.

    Also, I feel that re confirmation and youth sunday…(we moved it earlier this year, and next year it’s moving to the fall–hallelujah!)

  2. becky Says:

    Hi, I was not intending to comment on this blog, i was just looking for a way to contact you. that being said. . .
    God’s timing is perfect! try hard to focus on His strengthening presence at your retreat, so that you are inspired and encouraged as you begin this latest whirlwind season of ministry! God be with you!

    So, I am hoping to use your Lord’s Prayer prayer stations may 1st, for the national day of prayer. The only question I have is about how long would you say the experience takes? I was estimating 5-8 minutes per station?
    I think its an excellent resource, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Sarah G. Says:

    Awwww, horsefeathers. So sorry about his granddad and you having to cancel the trip you were so looking forward to. . .home things settle down some.