Quick update

Yes, folks, I have made it to the other side of 30 safely. It’s just been another insane couple of weeks, paired with limited computer access.  A few updates:

  1. No more 20s for me. I am proud to say that I have again made it to another age-milestone with incredibly naturally blonde hair. I also hope the new digit gives me a little more credibility sometimes. However, at presbytery yesterday, I did find myself at lunch with the other under-40 pastors referring to people older than us as “adults”.
  2. In fact, I haven’t been absent from blogging as long as it seems. I’ve got this magnificent post on my knitting projects sitting in my editing bin, but I haven’t posted it because the pictures are all wonky. It was a case of Erik getting in a grand I-told-you-so. As I worked on the post, he pointed out the myriad ways I was doing it wrong, and when I tried to post it, it was a mess. So, I have to go in and fix the pictures.
  3. My parents moved. Not far away, but to a new condo. Farther from where we live, closer to where Erik works. The trade-off: lake views and its in the neighborhood we wished we lived in, close to where we used to live. This is not throwing me for too much of a loop, though. As a pastor’s kid, a veteran of 2 parsonages (I word I will always like better than the Presbyterian-preferred “manse” which sounds snooty to me), I’ve never felt like my parents physical surroundings are home, but where they live is home. Now I can really, officially say Chicago is home because my parents live within city limits.
  4. Zora and I are enjoying a few isolated days of time without Erik.  (Otherwise known as my grand social experiment in being a single mom with a full time job.) He’s got a week of big Ph.D stuff going on, so he’s moved in with my Mom. Yesterday, I actually worked a full day and took Zora along for all of it. She’s a trooper: she managed most of a presbytery meeting, 2 hours of administrative tasks at church, and an evening Bible study. Her presence at presbytery was a gift because we had something of a sticky discussion and she provided levity by being cute, playing with anyone who would look at her, and rushing the speakers’ microphone during one of the more heated moments of the debate. This was her 3rd presbytery meeting.
  5. Actually, as I write, Zora and I are cheating a little: I took a couple days off this week, too, knowing that the single mom thing would get a little tough, and we drove into the city to stay at my parents’ place with Erik for the night. So, you could feel sorry for me, but right now Erik is giving her supper and I am sitting in the Eames chair typing this with a view of the lake.

2 Responses to “Quick update”

  1. Erik Says:

    I was just trying to be helpful with your knitting post! I didn’t mean to come off as a jerk about it. =(

    Maybe I can fix it for you around Thanksgiving?

  2. Heidi Says:

    Erica! It’s good to hear from you again… Okay, so weirdest dream last night. Tim fell in love with some girl who worked at the Burlington Coat Factory. (WHY?! no idea) I was devastated. And who was our counselor through all of this? Your father. Yup – Luge to the rescue. Except he told Tim to explore this desire and me to leave Tim. Crazy crazy crazy.