Meika has tagged me in a meme. I completely second what she says about being thankful. Two things I’m thankful for, maybe not the biggest things, but things none the less:

1. People who are welcoming and tolerant of little ones attending and participating in the worship service. I’m thankful for this in general in my work, but especially thankful for it as a mom. This morning was one of the four or so times a year when I get to worship as a congregant. I like to combine those opportunities with a little quality Zora time. Because it’s such a rare opportunity, it means so much to me when we aren’t shoo-ed off to the nursery. A special thank you to the folks at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church  in Minnetonka, MN this morning for being welcoming to me and Zora. (By the way, I can’t believe there is no picture of this gorgeous church online. I wish you could see it.)

2. Creature comforts. I’d like to be able to feel thankful, rather than guilty about these things. Because yes, I have more access to these things than some people do. But, within reason, it’s OK for me to enjoy these things.  Just a few that come to mind: ginger-scented perfume; my nice red sheets; comfortable places to sit; really good food.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!