I might be a work-a-holic: Sign # 136

I had a few things to pull together for a youth group meeting this evening, so I got to church around 4 and got busy. At 5:30, I put a microwave dinner in and went back to my office to get a bit more done in the 5 minutes of cooking time. The meeting started at 7. At 7:30, I realized I had left the dinner in the microwave. Either I’m really scatterbrained, or I might be a work-a-holic.

Don’t worry, though…I did eat dinner. I put the container back in its box and took it home. It responded really well to reheating.

One Response to “I might be a work-a-holic: Sign # 136”

  1. Meika Says:

    I just tagged you in a Thanksgiving meme!