We’re off for our first airplane trip with Zora in a few days. In preparation, we’re sitting here reading the FAA website to find out which of Zora’s necessities we can carry-on with us.

As always, government bureaucracies prove to be a source of laughs. Here are a few gems:

If your child becomes uncomfortable or upset, security officers will consult you about the best way to relieve your child’s concern.

Excuse me, sir, but my child is uncomfortable with body-cavity searches.

NEVER leave babies in an infant carrier while it goes through the X-ray machine.

Seems obvious…

But what does this mean:

You may want to consider asking for a private screening if you are traveling with more than one child.

If you’re traveling with more than one child you can REQUEST to be taken off to a little room as a family and be strip-searched together?

All items including formula, breast milk, and juice will be inspected, however, you or your baby or toddler will not be asked to test or taste breast milk, formula, or juice. Our Security Officers may test liquid exemptions (exempt items more than 3 ounces) for explosives.

OK, so they won’t make you taste breast milk, but they might let the bomb-sniffing dogs taste it?

One Response to “Packing”

  1. Mary Beth Says:

    And don’t forget, if you’re nursing your child and another passenger doesn’t like it, we may kick you off the plane.

    I want a video of the Security Officer tasting a bottle of breastmilk. Really, I do.

    Good luck with your flight!