Random Updates

Just a few things:

  1. We just returned from a wonderful week with Erik’s family (hi, in-laws!) in Oregon.
  2. This trip included Zora’s (and my) introduction to NCAA Div I football. It was like a trip to a foreign country for me, but interesting, kind of fun, and the food was great.
  3. The trip also included a hike up a big mountain. As usual, I wondered if I would make it. Erik’s aunt, possibly the most hiker-encouraging woman alive, I think tried to subtly remind me that I could probably pull it off since I have given birth and that was likely harder. But then, I started thinking about and realized that birth may have been easier since I couldn’t feel anything from the waist down most of the time. However, I will say the recovery from a hike is easier than C-section recovery.
  4. Zora is a walker. And how. It’s about all she wants to do.
  5. If your baby like books and has become mobile, an outing to Borders is not the best idea.
  6. Before I left on vacation, the other associate pastor and I had this good, but short conversation about how he’s trying to be intentional about not telling people he’s busy. I think he’s right–it’s whine-y and it tells people you don’t have time for them. But, I’ve been looking at my schedule for the next two months, and it is busy. Just today, I noticed that December actually looks like it’ll bring some relief. This is a very bad sign if you’re a pastor.
  7. I’m not calculating mileage anymore–maybe I’ll catch up later–but I’m doing really well with the anti-spread campaign–lots of running. However, I’m not sure things have stopped spreading.
  8. I finally saw a dentist a month ago. His name is Boris Becker. He’s not the Boris Becker.
  9. Stacey has a great post about pastors making friends. Obviously, this is something I need to do. I promised myself I would make an effort this fall, but (see # 6) things are a little nuts, and I’m still at a loss about what groups I could join. Things seem to happen in the evenings. In the evenings, I’m either at church or on Zora duty while Erik studies.

3 Responses to “Random Updates”

  1. ppb Says:

    How are you sure he’s not THE boris becker? I wonder about these things. And welcome to the world of toddlers.

  2. Erik Says:

    Our Boris Becker looks nothing like this guy.

  3. Meika Says:

    Just stopped by to say hi! Love the list. At least you’re not bored. :)