Maybe I should move into my tent

In the middle of a busy weekend, I had the privilege of spending the night in a tent. (And, in the middle of a busy weekend, a good reminder that I have a very cool job which involves things like spending the night in the tent.)

I love my tent. I love being outside. Maybe even more than being in my house.

So, despite the:

  • biblical hordes of mosquitoes (neccessitating 100% DEET which melted the plastic on my sunglasses)
  • lack an air mattress and subsequent crappy night of sleep
  • dulcet tones of a certain youth group member who usually has an incredible sense of humor, but not so much at 1 in the morning
  • wild turkeys

Despite all those things, I enjoyed being in the tent and outside so much that I was trying to figure out when I can find the time to spend another night in a tent this fall.

One Response to “Maybe I should move into my tent”

  1. ppb Says:

    I love tenting it, too. Though the biblical hordes of mosquitoes, I could do without.