Things I missed about the Midwest

(The blog has hit a slow patch because the kiddos and I are in Chicago cramming in some intensive family time…in the meanwhile…)

Things I missed about the Midwest, mostly the small stuff.

The cold, no really, because it makes you treasure the warmth in a whole different way.

Houses that are insulated and heated (I’m wearing loess clothing inside than I do at home.)

Better donuts (sorry, that’s just true).

Midwestern beers.

My family (obvious).

My writing ladies: Jenn, Katherine, and Bromleigh.

The way it smells when it rains (it’s different here…)

The sound the wind makes in leafless trees.

Encased meats (again, better).

The zen simplicity of the flat land meeting Lake Michigan.

The fact that blooming bulbs actually mean something for the seasons changing.

The drama of the weather.

Old brick buildings.

The smell of wool when you come inside from the cold.