Stay at Home Reverend: A Prayer for Safety


O God of adventure,

You called Abram and Sarai to journey to a new place;

You summoned Moses to climb the heights of Sinai to see your face;

You empowered David to face a giant;

You led Paul to go to places where he was not welcome;

and by your merciful hand, they were all preserved.

Stretch out that same hand, when my child decides he is called to scale a 6 foot retention wall after church

or to balance his rocking airplane on the couch, stand up on the seat, and do some wing walking.

Spare us from urgent care,

and inspire in him a respect for the places you actually have called him and the places you have not.

And when, someday, you do call him to the adventure of following you,

be gentle. Because I’m not sure how much more I can handle.

In the name of Jesus, who probably scared the crap out of Mary all the time,


One Response to “Stay at Home Reverend: A Prayer for Safety”

  1. Elizabeth H Says:

    This is the best prayer ever prayed. Ever.