We drove from San Carlos to Eugene, Oregon and back over the weekend. North on the California coast, and then back south through the middle of the state.

(In between those drives was lovely time with Erik’s family. Really lovely. But this is about the drive. Also, Oregon is lovely. But we spent most of this drive in California, so this is about the California part of the drive.)

We drove on windy roads along cliff faces descending to the ocean; twisting mountain roads; along the edges of canyons and rivers; through flat lands with miles and miles of olive groves.

We camped one night, and woke up underneath giant redwoods.

We ate lunch tucked in near a cliff base on a sandy beach.

I stared for a good hour at Mount Shasta, as it appeared on the horizon, then turning to keep my eyes toward it as we drove south.

What a drive.

And this was only the northern half of the state…

I can barely believe we live here.