Post-partum brain

I don’t know that being pregnant made me more forgetful. (I did have a precipitous decline in my vocabulary, though…)

But the combination of little sleep and the general distraction of having a cute baby around (sometimes I just sit and look at him because he’s that wonderful…), well, that combination has my brain pretty well fried.

I should probably not admit this. According to a certain semi-famous (in minister circles) female pastor blogger, who frequently comments on fashion and being a woman in ministry, we need to be careful as women about admissions that we are affected in the head a bit by pregnancy. I won’t name or link her here because I don’t really want to draw her ire.

But, let’s face it: babies are wonderful and exhausting little beings. And, right now, I need some slack because I’m a little tired. And thus forgetful. This is why I thank God and my church for parental leave.

And, honestly, I think of this as part of the whole “it takes a village to raise a child” thing. There are people working harder than usual so that I can sit here with Abram. I view that as a gift to Abram, and to me, and as an expression that the church values children enough to let their brain-addled mamas stay home with them for awhile.

So, on to the funny part of this post. Proof that I am not entirely in my right mind this week?

On Monday, at Abram’s 2 week check up, I realized only as I was being escorted into the exam room, that I had left the diaper bag in the car. And I KNEW he was going to poop in the next 10 minutes (he’s very regular). Since we go to a family practice, it turns out they didn’t have extra baby diapers sitting around. My respect for our doctor has gone way up in that he was completely tolerant of the fact that he had to examine Abram’s boy parts through a nice coating of newborn poopies.

On Wednesday, I left the headlights on during a costco run, and needed a jump by the time I got back to the car. Inspired by people who stand at intersections with “Will work for food” signs, I thought about making a little sign “I have a new baby and I need my battery jumped. Can you help, please?” and standing outside the entrance to see if a departing customer would help. But I wound up going to the customer service desk instead. I was finally helped, but I think the sign would have been faster.

Perhaps most hilariously, I did something else really forgetful yesterday. I know I did. Because right after I did it, I decided to write this blog post. But now I can’t remember what exactly it was…

3 Responses to “Post-partum brain”

  1. Katherine Says:

    That is really, really funny. ;-)

  2. Susie Says:


    And good gracious, who are we kidding if we try to pretend that NOT SLEEPING doesn’t affect our brains? That alone will mess with you, let alone the raging horomones. Ugh – lying about reality doesn’t serve us well either.

    I love the daily pics too, but glad to hear more!

  3. Rev Sarah Says:

    I read that blog post too and just thought, “wow, I haven’t had kids yet but I’ve seen this happen to so many others I know it is true…this blog post could only have been written by someone who hasn’t had a kid!”