Blog posts yet to come

The blog posts I want to write in the next few weeks:

1. Birthing and the Mommy-wars. Birth is one heated topic in the mama-sphere. I’m grateful for friends and family who span the spectrum of birthing practices are basically rational and supportive of each other anyway. But navigating this has been–interesting-difficult-bizarre–for someone whose first pregnancy was a little wacky.

2. The Comedian as Prophet. Did you hear that amazing NPR interview with Jon Stewart? I think there was a point in America when journalists held the position of prophet. I’m starting to wonder if comedians are taking over the prophetic voice.

3. Naming a Kid: Frightening level of responsibility. Also, rather tough when you named the first kid something interesting.

4. September 26 Sermon: Now overdue.

Which one would be the most interesting to you?

2 Responses to “Blog posts yet to come”

  1. Meg Says:

    I’ve been reflecting on #2 a bit myself. Are the closest thing to prophetic voices in media coming to us from Comedy Central? I really think so. And I’m bummed to be missing the March/Rally in DC by one week. They announced it a few days after I’d bought my tickets. BOO!


  2. Susan Says:

    I vote for #2 as well. Although, I am intrigued by #1.

    Godspeed on the sermon.