Zora on G-Day

I’ve designated Friday “G-Day” since we have the ultrasound and are hoping for an immodest baby who will let the tech determine gender.

We’re finding out. For a variety of reasons, but one being I figure it’ll be easier to prep Zora at age 4 if we can tell her the gender a few months in advance, thus preventing any possibility that she can take it out on the baby when it’s OUTSIDE if the baby does not meet her gender desires.

At first, she wanted a brother. But that has switched. She now wants a sister, but, when asked, says, “But if it’s a brother, that will be OK, too.”

This afternoon I told her that we get to go to the doctor to find out on Friday. (We’re taking her along.) Here’s the conversation.

E: Do you think you want a girl or a boy?

Z: A girl.

E: But a boy would be OK, too?

Z: Yeah. I used to want a boy.

E: Why did you change your mind?

Z: My body…and my head…and my heart told me that I wanted a sister.

4 Responses to “Zora on G-Day”

  1. Jerry Lynn Says:

    I never had one – a sister, that is, but I have come to know many, and they are such gifts. God bless the sisters.
    But I have two brothers, and I also know many of them. They are gifts as well. Should your new baby be a boy, we will all be blessed and Zora will be the perfect big sister for a brother. Blessings. Jerry Lynn

  2. John Vest Says:

    Will you be letting the world know on Friday?

  3. Erica Says:

    Yep, I think so. Or soon thereafter. For one thing, it’s a little harsh to take a 4 year old along to the ultrasound, tell her “it’s a girl!” and then tell her she can’t tell anyone!

    For another thing, whichever it is, I think I’ll be so excited that I won’t be able to contain myself!

  4. Susie Says:

    This made my heart skip a little, Z is just so awesome. Hope you got a good peek at the baby!