The pregnant update

A few observations about being pregnant a second time.

  1. I’m less worried. We did this before, we can do this again. No surprise, huh?
  2. I do believe the female body in its twenties is perhaps a bit more attractive pregnant than the female body in its thirties. There seems to be a bit more spread this time.
  3. Every pregnancy is different. I’m now past the point in Zora’s gestation when we found out that things were screwy with the placenta. This little guy  seems to have done a very good job of getting his placenta in the right place. Nice work!
  4. Oh, yeah…I guess I haven’t mentioned it on the blog: it’s a boy!
  5. Every pregnancy may be different, but I still have the horrific, toe-curling heartburn this time around. Like the kind where I can’t sleep and I obsess about what I’m going to eat all the time, and I wind up dehydrated because while cold water gives the heartburn immediate relief, the extra liquid seems to make the stomach acid more mobile.
  6. I am happy to finally be at the point where I can cradle the belly a bit. Without people wondering why I’m holding my lower abdomen.