Slacker Mom

I just read this.

How do I measure up?

  1. Zora’s bathroom floor? Littered with books. As is the living room for that matter.
  2. Halloween plans? Colin and Anne’s wedding rehearsal. Maybe Zora will wear her elephant costume from last year, which we bought huge so that she could wear it two years in a row.
  3. Zora’s health? She’s got a pretty nasty cough, but I haven’t called the doctor because Erik has the same one and he’s still alive. And what would they prescribe anyway?
  4. Last birthday party? We skipped that because it happened during my Grandma’s wake. Which really didn’t bother Zora because we weren’t planning to do anything anyway. She’s two. She doesn’t care.
  5. Woke up covered in pee? Actually, this morning, I went a little overboard and gave her a little bit of a sponge bath. But that was definitely an over-achiever moment.

I would say that officially qualifies me for slacker mom status. Long live Gen Y!

One Response to “Slacker Mom”

  1. Jim Says:

    We made Brendan’s dinosaur costume way too big when he was a toddler, so he got three good years’ use out of it, and then Shannon used it for a couple more. So we’re way ahead of you on the Halloween Slacker scorecard.