A few Monday things

  1. Oh, do I love Mondays. Again, I know my week is unusual. But it’s quiet and another Sunday is finished, and this morning I got to sleep in.
  2. Big events coming down the river: CROP walk; Bible Sunday; Erik switching jobs; meeting up with friends a few times this week; a family road trip; hiring a house cleaner.
  3. Thing I don’t have time to do but am doing anyway: making a stole. I got it in my head that it would be really nice to have a stole for weddings and other things with the Hebrew word “chesed” (it means loving-kindness) written down one side and a Trinity symbol on the other side. I’ve got all the stuff, and now I just need to get to work.
  4. Speaking of weddings, I’m helping officiate at Erik’s college roommate’s wedding in a few weeks (thus family road trip), and I get to do the homily. I am not kidding: when Colin told me I get to do the homily, I did a little happy dance. And, they picked good texts.
  5. Zora is a little linguistic miracle: I think we’ve got 5-6 word sentences going. Example: “Lambie go in bumpa Luge’s car.”
  6. I don’t think I’m going to have to make any begging-calls to recruit mentors for my junior high confirmation group. There are 22 of them. I thought this would be tough. The people I asked are awesome and excited. A definite good-church moment.
  7. I still don’t feel like I understand the financial crisis. But, I am really happy to be a renter right now!
  8. I got my fall/winter clothes out this week. I put my shorts away. Then it was, of course, in the 80s this weekend. In deference to signs of global warming, I’ve decided that the new rule is that one pair of shorts stay in my drawer all year.

3 Responses to “A few Monday things”

  1. Mary Beth Says:

    Don’t you just want to kiss the people that pick good texts?

  2. Erica Says:

    Well, THAT would be an awkward moment in the wedding ceremony, huh?

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    Maybe beforehand, like during prenuptial meetings?