Random Catch Up

It’s time to do a catch-up!

  1. I’ve got a sermon that has to go up…it’s a week overdue on the blog. I’m debating if it might be time to put up sermons in mp3 format only, but I know sometimes I have congregants who ask for the text and it’s so much easier to direct them to the blog. On the other hand, mp3 is so much less prone to plagaraization. Any thoughts?
  2. Stupid moment of the decade:  For about 2 months I’ve had my mom’s sewing machine on loan…and little projects have been piling up (recycled felted sweaters and hats, a quilt, mending, etc.) because I could not get the thing to work right. Nothing helped. I bought new needles, I readjusted everything, but stitches were skipping, thread was breaking, aghhh…I have never sworn so much at a machine in my life. Finally, two nights ago, I had an epiphany. I was setting the needle in BACKWARDS. Honestly, what is wrong with me? This is the machine I learned to sew on. This problem solved, I think I am entering a new period of sewing creativity. And maybe it will even result in me actually posting some pictures of a few things for Zora.
  3. Remember the anti-spread campaign? Well, I just didn’t stick with it and things kept spreading. In February, I decided to take extreme measures and signed up for a certain weight loss program. 15 pounds down. How cool is that? My pants fit again, but they think I should loose a little more…they’re probably right, but then I will be faced with the dilemma of buying new pants. I started the whole thing as a way to save money because I was having to buy new bigger pants. I guess buying new smaller pants is a whole different banana.
  4. It’s Holy Week. I don’t feel too busy, but that’s the joy of working on a multipastor staff. Not to say that I’m not busy, but I’m grateful for doing this with a group of supporting players (including my parents–Zora has basically moved in with them for the week.)
  5. I do feel dragged down by the stuff some of my congregation has to go through right now. I’m saying alot of “kyries” right now for people who are sick, dying, struggling, full of drama, etc. It struck me during a reading of the Passion last Sunday when I looked out at them and saw so many who were shouldering a whole lot right now.
  6. Want to get a sneek-peek at Fox Valley’s Good Friday service? Check out my post on Fidelia’s Sisters. I’ve got an article about the Good Friday liturgy I wrote.

2 Responses to “Random Catch Up”

  1. ms rev or not Says:

    1) i take the texts down when we’re part way through the next lectionary year (so i just took year c down on the church’s website on monday). i figure most plagiarizing happens when people are panicking, not 2.5 years in advance. it’s obviously not foolproof, since not everyone uses a lectionary and thus could just google the primary text and find my sermons, but it’s not the worst compromise ever.

    3) i hear ya. buying new clothes can get very expensive!

    6) the service was an awesome, awesome post. i really appreciated it.

  2. Kirstin Says:

    Congrats on the eventual anti-spread success! Maybe you can fill me in on the details when we visit. I’ve been working on my own anti-spread campaign with some luck (the spreading stopped but the shrinking never started). Look forward to seeing you soon!