Anti-Spread Campaign

I’m joining Stacey on the anti-spread campaign. This is about being healthy, taking care of myself, fitting in my suits, and maybe, someday, again running a long race.

The idea is to see how long it takes to walk/run/bike to Rome. If I were really headed there, it would be partly for the food (which I would deserve after that much mileage) and partly to tell the pope that they should start ordaining women as priests (which he would have to consider if I managed to bike across the ocean because that would make me a pretty incredible woman).

Feel free to join in. (I think we need a button for blogs, too.)

St. Charles, IL to Rome: 4839 miles

My walks/runs for the last two days: 5.042 miles

Miles to go: 4833.95

Dang. That’s a lot of miles. Stacey–should this become a collective venture?

3 Responses to “Anti-Spread Campaign”

  1. Stacey Says:

    It could be a collective venture, except that somewhere in my mind is the completely irrational thought that so many of us might join the Campaign that a) I wouldn’t be able to keep track of all of us, and b) it would take like a day to get to Rome, with us all walking only 4 miles or something. Also, my idea is to try to encourage myself in a healthy lifestyle that will last even after I’ve reached Rome…yeah. We’ll see how that goes. On the other hand, at my current rate, it’s going to take me 3 years to get to Rome. Hrm. Maybe we need a relay team. Anyway, yay! Welcome to the Campaign!

  2. ppb Says:

    maybe it could be like those walk-athons–5 people per team, competing against other teams of 5.

    Note, I’mm suggesting but not joining–though my RC colleague thinks it’s an awesome idea!

  3. Heidi Says:

    This must be let’s-get-healthy week (see my blog)! I’m so with y’all in the anti-spread campaign… it’s right up my alley (I’m a tabulating kind of ). If my campaign started today, I’m only one mile in…

    Do you count your pedometer steps as part of your miles?