One week later

Easter being early this year has thrown me off a little bit. Now that it’s over and done with, I think I have early-Easter-withdrawal. Usually, the crazy business of May (confirmation, year-end youth group, Sunday School wrap-ups, fitting-it-all-in before summer break) takes over soon after Easter. So soon that I barely notice that Easter is over.

And, yes, for the liturgical snobs among you, I know that Easter really goes on for several weeks. But, let’s be honest, as my colleague Bart pointed out in his sermon last Sunday, the lillies, the trumpets, the full-stop organ pieces, are gone the next week.

But this past week, I can only explain my lackadaisical crabbiness by saying I had some kind of Easter withdrawal.  I’ve felt tired and uninterested.

The weather is not helping, either. We’ve gone from living with ice floes on our yards from a constant freeze-melt cycle to gray, cloudy, wet, and blah. With just a few tantalizing days of sun in between, just to make the grayness that much worse.

Last night, I was dreading youth group meetings, but then things went fairly well: 24 junior highers spent some serious time thinking about the Apostles Creed (although, I didn’t foresee this problem at one of the learning stations with the junior high group: 10 minutes into the meeting, I hear one kid say, “These eggshells smell really bad when you hold them over the votive candles.” There is nothing junior high boys won’t try to set on fire, is there?); and the high school turn out was small, but I don’t care one bit, because they were a lovely group and they talked passionately and thought deeply about the issue of violence.

As far as I can tell, what I really need is an excellent nap. And maybe some good weather.

I think I just need a really good nap.

One Response to “One week later”

  1. ms rev or not Says:

    good point. the problem with having easter day early is a lot of the programmatic year left before summer… yarg.

    hope you get that nap in.