Less seriously…

We are back from the junior high retreat. (See the previous post for the more profound take on the experience.) I say “we” because I suckered Erik into going, and Zora came along, too.

Honestly, it was a really really good time. The kids were great. The speaker was great.  I slept better than on some retreats. In spite of terrible weather, we made it there safely.

But for all that, we didn’t come through unscathed. I think we are getting old:

  1.  I fell down half a flight of stairs. No good reason. I just fell. I could feel my spine compacting on the way down. My arms and my ankles are seriously sore from the landing.
  2. Erik took a ball to the eye (hard) during pool time. He wound up sitting on the side with an ice pack for the rest of the swim.
  3. This morning, I did something wrong with my contacts and had a major allergic reaction in my eyes. Puffy, teary, icky until I got ahold of some anti-allergy eye drops. I am still a mess–puffy eyes and blotchy face.
  4. Zora, well, she’s young and resilient. She just needs some extra sleep.
  5. Um, and we need some extra sleep, too.

One Response to “Less seriously…”

  1. Kristen Zoetewey Says:

    Erica–I had a big allergic reaction to contacts in high school, turned out I was allergic to saline solutions that contained thimerosal as a preservative, so I had to switch to unpreserved saline. So glad I don’t deal with contacts at all anymore. Be well–Kristen