Quick…before the baby wakes up!

She’s crying already, but I thought I’d check in.

I am knitting like a madwoman these days…a mitten thumb to finish, a scarf for the silent auction, and Zora is outgrowing one of the sweaters I made her so I picked some yarn for a new one today. (The color is called “Happy Forest.” How great is that?)

I desperately want Erik to make it easier for me to post photos…this is why I don’t blog much about knitting. Boring without pictures.

Yesterday I burst into tears in my office. I found a recording on-line of an anthem that I told the choir director was a must…versatile, beautiful, theologically profound. I’m trying to convince him the choir has to learn it. Turns out I don’t think I really listened to said anthem closely since I sang it at a friend’s husband’s funeral. I made everyone else who was in the church office come in and hear it, too. I think I have some converts, so look out choir director!!!

Erik, for those of you who have not heard, decided to leave his Ph.D program a few months ago. He’s in the middle of a job search. This is new territory for us. But, it’s good territory.

The presidential primaries are fascinating and infuriating. How much longer until we KNOW who it’s going to be? I will admit to having a distinct preference for a certain candidate, and I just can’t help but think that said candidate’s success won’t last and I’ll be disappointed. I think the country is such a mess, so this election feels important. In fact, I am even starting to understand the emotions of my high school social studies teacher who had us watch the first Clinton inauguration and stood in the back of the classroom weeping because she was so happy her candidate was back in office. Every time I get excited and then feel the possibility of disappointment looming, I’ve decided I need to say Psalm 146 in my head. I’m reciting verse 3 quite a bit lately: “Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings who cannot save.”

And, we’re in the midst of a cold-snap. As someone said at the knitting store this morning “Finally, we have a reason to stay home and knit.” But mostly, this cold snap is convincing me that we absolutely have to find a new rental place this spring. Our bathroom is not heated (really, truly, I am not exaggerating). Erik and my room is heated only in the most perfunctory sense. Zora’s room is so heated that I’m worried about her being too hot at night.

4 Responses to “Quick…before the baby wakes up!”

  1. Kirstin Says:

    That anthem was a regular during communion at St. Mary’s. A slightly different version, I think, but very similar. I loved that while it was a simple song, the phrasing was challenging. No matter how many times we sang it, I still needed to think about what I was doing each time. Thinking is good.

    Thanks for sharing that psalm. I think I could stand to recite that myself.

  2. Marcia Van Drunen Says:

    I didn’t know about Erik and his PhD program, so may the job search be fruitful.
    An excellent reminder regarding Psalm 146. Thank you.
    And … we have a century-plus old home. I understand heating issues!
    Blessings, Marcia

  3. Heidi Says:

    Hi, Erica… Thanks for the flashback to Christus Paradox… listening to it now.

  4. Faith Says:

    Hi, I wanted to contact you about the prayer stations you posted but there is not a way to do so… so I thought I would post here and hope my email gets to you. Basically, I have a web site I am creating for one of my classes (working on a Mdiv.) and I reposted your Prayer cycle on my site http://www.creativeprayer.com (with all the credit going to you *grin*)I was hoping you might have some pictures I could put with it. Anyway, I look forward to doing it with the group I lead. Thanks for making it available. – Peace, Faith Mccloud