Good Sabbath

Back in September, I was trying to figure out how to “sabbath” with an infant. See, some of the (and I know this is a simplification) recommendations are just impractical, if not impossible, for a mom with a nursing baby. I’m always working! I can’t take a day away from it all just to focus on God. (And, come to think of it, neither can someone, male or female, with small kids. So, I’m starting to think that the over-simplified recommendations for taking a good sabbath are flawed…) I’d rather use the definition of “God-focused” for Sabbath than “family-focused”, but family obligations are an enormous part of honoring God.

This last Friday, on my weekly-day-off, I think I managed about an hour of really good sabbath.
After Zora and I made a quick trip to a nearby Starbucks to meet up with a guy who was selling a pack-n-play on craigslist, I realized that the weather was nicer than I’d thought and the stroller was in the back of the car. A good occasion to visit our favorite nearby patch of woods.

We went for a walk along the Fox River. Zora fell fast asleep (with one eye opened–she’s an attentive baby!), and I plugged into my iPod for some worship assistance from the monks of Keur Moussa in Senegal. As they sang the Nicene Creed, we came around the corner into a place where a stream was singing, and new leaves were uncurling, and I said “Amen” with the monks.

A good little gift: peace, quiet, praise, God’s presence, and a happy baby. I think I’m finally getting the hang of it!

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  1. Steve D Says:

    Amen and Amen.