End of the (B.C.) Era

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I grew up with Johnny Hart: not just in the comic strips, but plastered on the signs for parks, transportation, and almost anything county-related in Broome County, NY. (Where else do you find cavemen used as a mascot for the county transit system?)

And, at Christmas and Easter, his B.C. comic strip was always a little (and usually a lot) religious.

I know that his religious strips occasionally caused some controversy, but I also admired that he was brave enough to say something about what he believed in.

And, he taught Sunday school for years in the Nineveh, NY, Presbyterian Church, using his gift to draw illustrations of what he was teaching in the classroom. Multiple intelligences learning before it was cool!

He was a great example of someone who was not ashamed of the Gospel, and not ashamed of his gift.

Johnny died on Sunday, at his drawing table.