Catchy blog title

True confession time:

Part of the reason my blog title has always been boring (just my name) is not just my conviction that it would be too hard to remain anonymous, so I might as well use my name.

It’s also that I could not think of catchy titles.

I covet the catchy titles of some folks:

Meika, who comes up with something clever, cute, and biblical.

Mary, known for her preaching, and already developing a good preaching following, and extremely clever.
Meg, whose title tells just a little bit (but what an intriguing bit!) about who she is.

And who can’t love Teri’s blog title,  which says it all about the pressure to have a clever title?
And then a few days ago, I thought about a previous post on a quote I came across:

boni pastoris est tondere pecus non deglubere
It is a good pastor who shears, not flays, the sheep.
Now, I know I don’t keep you up to date enough on my knitting. But it’s such a great quote–knitting, pastoring, etc. and I find the idea so helpful. I think the difference between shearing and flaying is one of the things I want (and need!) to learn well as a young minister.

So, what do you think?

6 Responses to “Catchy blog title”

  1. Meika Says:

    I *love* the title! Fabulous and funny! Love it, love it, love it!!!

    And thanks for the compliments on my title – I’ve been a little insecure about it, thinking it just might be a little too obscure to be cool. And who doesn’t want to be cool?? :)

  2. Meika Says:

    Whoa… that smiley is freaky. Mental note, skip the smileys on “don’t flay the sheep”… {smiley} How can I outwit the freaky smiley maker? :> :} :]

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    I dig it!

  4. Erik Says:

    @Meika: The giant smiley is my bad—I’ll fix it sometime soon.

    Congratulations on the baby, btw. Aren’t they awesome?

  5. Mark Schemper Says:

    Good title – it reminds me of the beginning of Micah 3 – but I wish there was some way you could incorporate the image of shearing as well – maybe “doth but shear and not flay” (see below).

    It just so happens that your younger brother has been lately immersed in a few English Puritans who occasionally used the same image. For example, Richard Hooker in Book V of On the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity uses it to attac:

    “In Baptism many things of very ancient continuance are now quite and clean abolished; for that the Vertue and Grace of this Sacrament had been therewith over-shadowed, as fruit with too great abundance of leaves. Notwithstanding to them, which think that always imperfect Reformation, that doth but shear and not flea; our retaining certain of those former Rites, especially the dangerous Sign of the Cross, hath seemed almost an impardonable oversight.”

    So just beware that any Puritans out in the digital ether might think charge you with “imperfect Reformation.”

    And yes, Erik, babies are awesome.

  6. ppb Says: