Solid(ish) Food

Yes, folks, just shy of 6 months, Zora is eating “solids” (a loose definition, judging by the consistency).

We’ve done rice cereal and bananas, and this morning I decided it was time to make some carrot puree. I’m planning to make my own baby food for a couple reasons: avoid picky eating; I suffer under the illusion that I am Martha Stewart; I’m cheap; the stuff in cans just looks nasty; a huge bag of carrots has been occupying my veggie drawer for longer than I care to admit; makes me feel like a better mama; and how hard can it be?

And, now that the carrots are smooth and portioned out, a few observations:

1. There is a reason that we have moved beyond the technology of the ricer–it’s kind of a pain. While it is great that my husband can haul out the ricer if he ever feels the need to get in touch with his heritage and make lefse, that is about all I plan to use it for. My blender is my friend. If anyone wants to buy me a food processor, though, I will not complain.

2. Use lots of water–otherwise it won’t get too smooth.

3. Carrots are really orange. I hope this doesn’t happen to Zora.

4. You know that great idea about putting the baby food in ice cube trays? Well, it’s a little tough to scoop it in neatly. But check out my handy carrot-puree-piping bag (i.e. ziplock baggie with a corner cut off.)

4. Then, if you get the food in the ice cube tray, you’ll be tempted to make it flatten out a little more evenly in the compartments. DO NOT succumb to temptation and tamp the tray down (hard) on the counter. You will get sprayed with carrotty goodness.

5. But, look how nice this looks:

I can’t wait to see it on Zora’s face.

My final conclusion: Now that I know how quickly a baby grows and develops, I’m guessing I’ll only have to make about two batches of each first food in this sort of fine puree. In no time, we’ll be on the chunky versions.

And boy, is that a good thing!

One Response to “Solid(ish) Food”

  1. Mary Beth Says:

    My husband had dreams of homemade baby food but gave up after a few tries. If you ask me, he was being too ambitious(turkey and peas his first time out?!?) and he was too reliant on the ricer. The blender’s a great idea.

    Joshua is constantly getting compliments on his beautiful skin tone, despite the fact that Jay and I are pasty white. It’s the carrots and sweet potatoes. He’s fifteen months and eats table food, but by golly he’s still orange.