RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Birthday, Redux

It’s nowhere close to my birthday, but here goes…

1. Favorite way to celebrate my birthday? I’d say nice dinner out with Erik, maybe family, and if it’s been a calm week at church, I might tolerate some god friends, too.

2. I share my birthday with Sammy Sosa (I’m a Cubs fan: baseball bores me, but I really like Wrigley Field).

3. How do I feel about milestone birthdays? I have no problem with people knowing how old I am. How long I’ve been married makes me feel older than the birthdays adding up. Although, I think I did get really teary the night of my 18th birthday…

4. Have I been sung to in a restaurant? Yep. But not on my birthday. My high school friends made a habit of making up someone’s birthday when we went out to eat.

5. Take my birthday–please. When I was a kid, November 12 was a great day for a birthday–the day after Veterans Day, so there was always a long weekend attached. However, it seems that the church I’m at now may not be the best place for this birthday. This year, my birthday was on Stewardship Sunday, and next year, it’s a presbytery meeting.

One Response to “RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Birthday, Redux”

  1. Kirstin Says:

    “I might tolerate some god friends, too.”

    Your typo made me smile. Or maybe it was intentional. Either way, I enjoyed it.