How much mileage would the Tribune get from that?!

We finished our 2-session, super quick prenatal classes tonight. I’m glad they offer these kind since we are very busy right now, and since we registered really late due to the previa.

Some things that were honestly news to me: how to scrub a baby’s head (appparently they like this); SIDS prevention should include swaddling with the arms out; I’ll get to change floors and rooms at least 3 times during a stay at my hospital; I get four people in my room during labor.

The hospital tour part was probably the most helpful thing. Now I know where all this stuff will happen.

And then there’s the most amusing incident of the class–loading 20 pregnant women and their partners onto elevators for the tour. Crammed into one of the elevators, after an alarm went off (alerting us either that we were too heavy or the door had been open for too long) one partner pointed out that the Tribune could get some huge mileage out of a story about an elevator full of 3rd trimester pregnant women trapped between floors. Mostly, I thought, becuase of the desperate need for restrooms…