One in a string of goodbyes…

Erik is trying to schedule movers for our relocation from the city to the suburbs. In the meantime, I am commuting much too far to work (it turns out that one and half hours in the car is really uncomfortable if you are 8 months pregnant), and we are saying some fond farewells to life in the city.

We live mere blocks from one of my favorite parts of Chicago, the blocks of Devon Avenue where one is transported from America to South Asia. I know we can come back any time, but it won’t be the same. Last night, after the commute home, I was too tired to go out to eat, and Erik kindly volunteered to pick up a take-out order from our favorite Indian/Pakistani restaurant, Hema’s Kitchen.

Hema has acheived near-legendary status in Chicago for her excellent excellent food. This blogger and her commenters say everything you need to know, although I fall more on the side of people who find the decor charming. The only thing I would add: based on reading some newspaper articles on the walls of the restaurant, Hema
appears to generously support a number of churches in South Asia. So, you can eat with the knowledge that your enjoyment of Hema’s artistry benefits missions!

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  1. Steve Dykstra Says:

    Good afternoon!

    I found this blog from a technorati search about blogging the Bible… It’s certainly been a long time since FYF 2002.

    Congratulations on the little one who’s soon to come…
    God bless

    Steve Dykstra (SteveDee)