The (Not So) Daily Office

My less-used-than-I'd-like daily planner.

This is my daily planner. It was part of a kick starter campaign and I wanted it. It integrates the church year with the calendar year, and has space for reflection and planning and journaling.

Weeks of it are blank at this point.

But there days here and there that I’ve filled in, and reflection pages that I’ve used. And when I have used it, it’s been monumentally helpful. I’ve made some really important decisions with the help of this planner.

I’m a horrible daily practice person. My current lifestyle exacerbates this. (In the world of child-rearing and keeping house, I’m much more Maria than Captain Von Trapp.) I actually mapped out, in January, what I wish my daily schedule was like. It’s wonderful.

6:00am: run or yoga

6:45am: shower and dress

7:00am: 15 minutes of devotions and previewing the day

7:15-9:00am: the morning rush (getting everyone to school)

9:00am-2:15pm: the tasks of the day

2:15-5:30pm: be present for the kids’ afternoon

5:30-7:00pm: meal and clean up

7:00-8:30pm: bedtimes

8:30-9:00pm: prep for a new day

9:00pm: reset and rest with Erik

But life around here is a moving target, and I can rarely fit this schedule into my day. Here, for example, is how yesterday went.

5:30am: Hazel wakes up

6:30am: Two more kids awake, one with a wet bed.

7:00-8:00am: breakfast and getting people out the door

8:00-8:20am: drop Zora off at school and Erik off at the train

8:20-10:00am: run errands with Abram and Hazel because Abram doesn’t have school and we need some supplies for a project to keep him occupied and we need milk

10:00am-1:15pm: crafts with Abram; making a mess in the kitchen with Abram; make dinner ahead of time; clean up after Abram; feed people lunch

1:15pm-2:35pm: get Abram and Hazel out the door for Abram’s preschool parent teacher conference, drop Abram off at preschool afternoon care, run to the post office

2:35-3:15pm: pick up Abram and Zora, get to Zora’s swimming lesson

4:30-6:30pm: learn that Zora is ready to try out for the swim team, but tryouts don’t happen until 6:30pm and if we don’t try tonight, she has to wait at least a week for another time slot; consult with Erik and ask him to meet us at the train station nearest the swimming facility; take kids out for pizza; meet Erik; play at park

6:30-7:15pm: Zora tries out for swim team

7:45pm: home and get everyone in bed

Yesterday was particularly nuts, but you get the idea.

I’m learning to live with this reality, that I don’t live in a world where everyday is able to fit into the same schedule.

And I figure I’d better extend myself some grace to live in the shape of the days I’ve been given. Which includes some grace for the fact that the blog has been sitting here for over a week.