The Stay at Home Reverend

No, really, my Master of Divinity degree is still quite useful at those times when I’m fully a stay at home parent.

For instance, I can use my knowledge of liturgy to write collects appropriate to various occasions.

Like this one:

Creator God, who tamed the chaos of water, and brought about all that is; who made human beings in your image, and graced us with creativity and curiosity: in your great mercy, grant that my home’s plumbing may be protected from any harm, that whatever my toddler chose to flush down the toilet when I wasn’t looking would make its way safely to the sewer, so that we may live in peace in our house, and work to glorify you in all that we do and say, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

4 Responses to “The Stay at Home Reverend”

  1. mamie Says:

    Ha! Love it. Sadly may need to bookmark it…

  2. Martha Brown Says:


  3. Maria Says:

    Three times amen to that one. We clearly need more collects like this.

  4. Meika Says:

    Freaking awesome. Can you do this daily? And include something about toddlers climbing/playing in toilet/getting crazy digestive ailments?

    Seriously, I think there’s a future in this.