“She’s my daughter”

An amazing metaphor for prayer:

I heard an interview on the radio this weekend, with a woman named Anita de Wit. She told the story of helping her daughter, Angelique, leave behind prostitution in Amsterdam’s red light district.

At one point, Anita talked about how important it was, through the whole process, to leave open the lines of communication. She said that sometimes, her daughter would call her on a  cell phone, even as Angelique was standing in one of those (sadly) famous windows, on display.

Anita said something like: “People would think it was strange, that I was talking to her about regular things while she was there.”

And this is the part I cannot forget: “But you can’t think, ‘My daughter is whoring herself right now.’ You think, ‘She’s my daughter and she needs to talk to me.’”

If that doesn’t break your heart…

Lord, teach us to pray…

(The interview, totally worth your while to listen to, can be found here.)