Good things

I suspect I’ve been a bit, um, whiney, in my social media postings lately. Also, about 80% of them have been about how I’m not getting enough sleep. Which is totally true. But I also really like sleeping. A lot.

However, I realized this morning that I needed to take a moment to recount some good stuff, things that I am thankful for, ways I am being blessed. So here we go.

1. My children are undeniably beautiful little beings. They are incredibly, luminously beautiful when they are asleep. But really, they are just lovely kids all the time. They grace people with smiles and hug their mama when she needs it most. What wonders!

2. I am working for a few months at a church that is one of the most grace-filled embodiments of Jesus I have ever encountered. Not because they are doing anything unusual or super-remarkable. Not because they have it all figured out. They are just following Jesus the best they can. And seeing that and having the opportunity to serve them is blessing me incredibly and reminding me why I love ministry, and reminding me that this is the work I am called to do.

3. My husband, in the midst of a recession, has stumbled into a career field that has continued to work for him, and where he’s been given opportunities to grow and excel. He is happy as a clam in California at the new job. I will be happy as a clam when I get to join him there and take a break (or a nap).

4. Our backyard was full of peonies these last few weeks. And a couple of other flowers that smelled wonderful. But the peonies: so many of them that I could pick two huge bunches for the house and there were still plenty. I’m sure these have been growing there for many many years. I love thinking that some previous residents of our two-flat took the time to plant and nurture them. And I love these flowers for their big, crazy showiness, and even for the short blooming time that makes them so precious.

5. I’m finding it difficult to get in the running I was doing earlier this spring. Mostly because Erik’s not around to take over with the kids. But I am up to the point where I can, when I figure out a way to go, casually decide to run from my house, around Wrigley Field and back. This was my goal last fall. I did it! And, even if it will take some work after this wild summer to get back into more regular running, I no longer have any excuse for not doing it. I’ll just have to find a new goal after we’ve settled in the new place.

6. We get to say goodbye to Chicago in the summer. And, we will end that farewell, the kids and I, with a couple of months living with my Mom and Dad, who live on the beach on the north side of the city. So, prime beach months in Chicago: I will be steps from the lake. Couldn’t be better.

7. My sister Emily was home last weekend with her fiancé, Tim. I love them together. Isn’t it amazing when you can tell that people you love have found someone who really makes them more and more the person God intends them to be?

And, we’re just going to go with seven items right now. Because, can you believe it? My kids are asleep! And I should be, too!

One Response to “Good things”

  1. Erik Vorhes Says:

    I will be happier as a clam when you, Zora, and Abram are out here with me!