Continental Drift

Really, this is big news even to me:

The Schemper-Vorhes family is moving to California!

About this time last year, Erik and I were signing a lease for an apartment in Chicago and plotting the move from St. Charles to the city. We had a (flexible-ish) plan that didn’t involve leaving Chicago, at least for a couple of years.

Last week, Erik accepted a position at Facebook, in Menlo Park, CA. This was not exactly part of the plan.

Erik leaves for California on Mothers’ Day. The kids and I will be here until just short of mid September while I finish out my current position. (yes, this is just a bit of a logistical nightmare. But we can do it!)

And then we become Californians.

I am sad about leaving Chicago. It’s been home since I was 15. I have lots of family here. I have lovely friends. I have a beautiful neighborhood, and a 5 year who love to ride the CTA. I can go for a run, from my house, around Wrigley Field and back. There’s a beautiful lake. And hot dogs. And quirky politicians.

But, I’m a little excited. My Dad’s family is from California. In fact, my Grandpa gifts his grandchildren each with a subscription to Sunset Magazine (only 2 of his 11 grandkids live in California), to tempt us back. My Aunt Fran and Uncle Len will be my closest relatives, and we think they’re wonderful. Erik has a lovely cousin and family there, too. It’s a gorgeous part of the country. We get to learn a new city! I’m really more scared of tornadoes than I am of earthquakes.

So, here we go! If you’re one of my Chicago people, please promise to hang out with me this summer. (I’ll probably be happy to have some adult conversation!) If you live in the Bay Area, we need some new friends!

5 Responses to “Continental Drift”

  1. teri Says:

    oh my gosh, that’s simultaneously awesome and sad!! Congrats to Erik on a fun new adventure, and many prayers for you as you do the solo parent thing for so long!

  2. Elsa Says:

    Oh Erica! How exciting! Congratulations to Erik and blessings for a smooth transition into a new home!

  3. Ruth Says:

    How exciting for all of you! Best wishes and keep in touch. Oh, yeah: we’ve got Facebook! :-)

  4. Melinda hinners Says:

    Wow. Excited and sad too. Ben wants to know if he can get into the IPO. He also says dont forget the “steps foward”. Guess you are doing your own!
    Let’s set a date this summer. I would love to come in and have a city day
    Amazing. Congrats to Erik and wonderful of you to complete your time at Park Ridge
    Love. Melinda

  5. John Vest Says:

    Wow…we’ll miss you in Chicago!