Observations from 7 miles there and back on the lakefront trail

  1. Running with another person once in awhile probably makes me less of a misanthrope. I usually run alone (or with Abram, who, to honest, I ignore for the bulk of the run: he’s in his stroller, I’m running, we’re each doing our own thing). I listen to sermons and music and podcasts. it’s ncie. But my friend Carrie was a pretty good running companion. Also, she made me go faster.
  2. 14 miles is a long way to run. Ouch. Normally, almost exactly 24 hours after a big run, I get really sore. I hurt when I limped into the parking lot (where Carrie was generously waiting for me) at the end. I preach in a congregation tomorrow where I’ve never preached before. I hope I can make it into the pulpit without assistance.
  3. Anyone who says cities are devoid of natural wonders isn;t looking hard enough. I was 12 feet away from a loon today, just off the lakefront outside of the Shedd Aquarium. I also spent some time contemplating the beautiful unique markings on seagull tails. And then there were the variety of crab apple blossoms by one of the harbors.
  4. Running on Navy Pier, Carrie and I were witness to those milling about outside of a girls cheer team competition. No offense, but any “sport” that involves putting your not quite 5 year old girl in hoochie, butt-hugging shorts or skirts, opaque glitter eyeshadow, and teaching her to dance like THAT is a little frightening to me. We both prayed that  our daughters (Zora and Fincher) never ask to get involved with this.
  5. My sister is marrying Carrie’s brother this summer. Which means my kids get to do a flower-girl/ring-bearer gig with Carrie’s kids. All of these children have unusual, but awesome names. (Mine: Zora and Abram; Carrie’s: Caiden, Fincher, and Remke.) I’m thinking I might make awesome kid’s names a prerequisite for running with me.
  6. I pooped out around mile 12. But I kept going. That’s a good thing, right?
  7. I need to find a way to dictate sermons while I run. Somewhere around mile 10, I figured out what I need to with this sermon. The old Latin phrase, “Solvitur ambluando” (it is solved by walking)? Running, too!