Wise Child

Zora stepped out on the porch this morning to check the temperature.

“Mom! Mom!’ She came running back into the house, excited.

“You HAVE TO come outside! It’s so peaceful. No one’s talking outside, and there are birds, lots of birds. Migratoring back to Chicago!”

With 5 minutes to change Abram’s diaper and wrestle him into his outerwear, make sure I had my wallet and keys, I had no time for peace on the porch (Oh, the irony…) I suggested that she could put on her coat and take her backpack and sit on the porch until Abram and I came out the door and we walked to school.

So she did. Entranced by the cool,  almost-spring air. And the birds.

On our walk, I told her that I was glad she started her day with some peace.

“I think I’ve been kind of crabby lately because I haven’t been finding enough peaceful places. Like my office. My chair and my books in there were supposed to be my peaceful place. I need to go there more, don’t I?” I said.

She is so wise.