Ash Wednesday: How It All Went Down

We did it: took the kids out long past their bedtime for Ash Wednesday.

It was too much work to schlepp them downtown to the church we attend right now, so given the choices of churches I’ve never attended in our neighborhood, I went Lutheran. I think the Lutherans are good at Lent. Plus, while I love creative liturgies, sometimes too much creativity is not a good thing. And I figured the Lutherans wouldn’t play it too fast and loose.

It was a good pick, the full Ashes shebang, complete with standing in the courtyard to burn palms at the beginning.

Abram held hands with the lady sitting in the pew behind us (that kid is a flirt), and wasn’t too fussy. Zora was pretty good. Except for the point during the offering, when she was rather loudly pointing out that “this is BORING”. (Note: even a worship service which starts with 4 foot flames doesn’t qualify as exciting. Zora’s a bit of a thrill seeker.)

My kids had ashes smudged on their foreheads. And they took communion. (Zora wigged out a little after downing her cup and discovering that it was full-on wine…no intinction at this place.)

And then we all walked home together. It hailed for a few blocks. But it stopped. And Zora felt like it was warm enough to make Erik carry her coat. (A little too much wine, I think.) She practiced her skipping, and kept asking if her ashes were still intact.

The walk home was the best part of my day. Both Zora and I had temper tantrums earlier. I was wondering if we should just stay home.

But we needed this tonight.

One Response to “Ash Wednesday: How It All Went Down”

  1. Elsa Says:

    Thank you so much for this series of posts on Ash Wednesday. It stated many things I’ve been feeling and reminded me of things I’m missing.