Timely Boy

A year ago tonight, Erik and I were headed to the hospital (first for a false alarm: turns out I’m a little dense at telling when I’m in labor; in the wee hours of the morning for the real thing).

Abram pulled off the rare feat of being born on his due date.

Which has Erik and I wondering: if he was timely in that, what will happen tomorrow?

We think it would make perfect sense if, around 6:00am, he stood up in his crib and said,

“Mama! Dada!”

(His first words)

If we came into his room to discover him trying to climb out of the crib onto the dresser.

And if, when we took him out of the crib, we set him down and he took his first steps.

I suppose it’s too much to wish that he’d also learn to change his diaper by himself.