I’ll take what I can get

It would be an understatement to call the last week of parenting around here “rocky”.

But, I’ll take what I can get…

Erik took the kids out today. I stayed home and hacked away at the home organization project. And enjoyed a few hours of no one needing anything.

I met them for dinner. We walked to the (super nice) grocery store and had caramel apples custom made.

We walked home in the dark.

Abram went to sleep relatively quickly.

And then Zora hugged me on her way to bed and I said,

“You’re my best girl.”

And she said, “You’re my best mama…no you’re my best baby.”


“No…you’re my best peanut.”

“Then you’re my best cashew.”

And then we made up a lullaby based on the song, “Close Your Sleepy Eyes, My Little Buckaroo,” but called it “Close your sleepy eyes my cashew”.

And if that’s the best 15 minutes I can get this week, I’ll take it. Makes everything completely worthwhile.