Six Months

Abram is six months old today.

He and I celebrated this morning by…going out to a cafe where he was supposed to take a nap and I was supposed to write a sermon.

Instead, he rolled around on the floor by my feet while I got partway through the writing.

This (and a pastor-friend’s comment today reminding me that it’s not out of the ordinary for pastor’s kids to become pastors) got me thinking about a non-traditional catalogue of what Abram has done in 6 months: church work.

He is well on his way to a fine record of pastor’s kid activities. (In fact, I would say, child of a female pastor especially, in that the need for him to be in close proximity to the milk-machine made most of these activities possible!)

So, six months of PK-hood for Abram:

  • a three-day clergy clinic on family systems theory
  • portions of a  worship colloquium for worship grant recipients
  • the 3 1/2 hour each way road trip with 8 teenagers that went along with that colloquium
  • 2 youth group trips, both to North Carolina (including a 12 hour each way bus ride for one of those trips)
  • about 5 staff meetings
  • perching on my back for VBS opening and closing gatherings